Buckingham Strategic Partners proudly serves and supports independent wealth management firms and financial advisors in their work of helping clients and their families meet their most important life and financial goals. It’s our highest calling. That’s why Buckingham Strategic Partners delivers academically rooted and evidence-based investment solutions, because we believe this approach gives you the best odds of achieving financial peace of mind.

We provide holistic financial planning tools, because we believe true wealth management should be comprehensive. We’ve developed a long bench of thought leaders and specialists, because we believe in breadth plus depth. By partnering with Buckingham Strategic Partners, members of this nationwide community bring its collective wisdom and resources to bear on designing, building and protecting each client’s financial plan.

Dimensional is a family of funds across asset classes. For more than 30 years, it has been translating compelling research into practical investment solutions for clients. We often find that Dimensional funds allow us to best target specific investment factors to achieve client financial goals. Though we receive no commissions from Dimensional for using their funds in client portfolios, we often select their products to best fit our client’s interests.

Fidelity is the primary custodian we use to hold our client’s accounts. All accounts are held in our clients names and our clients always receive monthly reports directly from Fidelity on holdings managed by us. Our ability to independently execute transactions on behalf of clients varies based on the comfort our clients have granting us authority.