Wealth Management

You’ve worked hard and want to sustain the lifestyle to which you have grown accustom. However, we recognize that there are many demands on your time and many interwoven pieces in your financial puzzle. We serve as a financial “quarterback” integrating with specialists to secure your financial future.

  • Collaborate with CPAs on tax planning and strategy
  • Refer lawyers for estate plans
  • Work with licensed insurance agents to ensure appropriate coverage
  • Manage interactions with your banking institutions as appropriate
  • Advise on real estate strategy

We manage your investments, integrate your relationships and ensure you have a comprehensive plan. Our goal is to provide the freedom for you to enjoy the wealth you have created.


Investment Management

There are many financial products in the market, so choosing the ones that provide the right risk/reward combination can be overwhelming. Staying informed on financial market developments, academic research into investment strategy, tax management, and how these may impact your investment strategy is a time consuming process.

While we spend the time with you and are experienced investors, we only make decisions about the investments in any portfolio after an assessment of individual needs. After meeting with us, you are better informed to understand your portfolio needs and the investment strategies we employ. We seek to educate clients as much as they desire, as we believe that educated investors are more likely to stick with and reap the benefits of the market over the long-run.

We ground our investment strategy in academic research on how markets reward investors over the long-term for the risk in their portfolios. Evidence proves that certain “factors” lead to systematic differences in returns on equities:

  • Company size (small cap vs. large cap)
  • Company profitability (high vs. low profitability companies)
  • Relative price (value vs. growth companies)

Likewise, we believe there is academic evidence that points to systematic differences in fixed income returns:

  • Term (long term vs. short term bonds)
  • Credit quality (lower vs. higher credit bonds)

We implement our strategies by turning to fund managers who share our beliefs and target the factors appropriate for any individual portfolio.


Financial Planning

A cornerstone of financial planning is the recognition that everyone's economic and life situation is unique. A commitment to professionalism and the cooperative development of unique, personal goals form the foundation of any strong financial plan.

A financial plan must reflect the stage of life its owner is in: whether purchasing a first home, financing a child’s college education or planning for retirement. A plan must reflect its owner’s personal situation, and highlight those investments that best fit it. A custom-tailored financial plan must also be continually reviewed to measure its achievements against stated aims, and ensure the owner is comfortable everything is moving forward according to plan.

With these goals in mind, we work together to assess your total financial planning needs. We will consider important milestones such as major purchases, marriage, children, education, dreams and retirement. If you are interested in learning more, we are always available to discuss your current situation and long term goals.