Individuals and Families

Every individual and family is different. For some, where current income is high, we work with clients to allocate assets in a tax efficient manner. We focus heavily on how assets are allocated between taxable and tax-deferred accounts to fit within your broader tax strategy. We frequently use statistical simulation and planning tools to help you plan for retirement and meet your long term financial needs. In other instances, we help our clients plan for goals related to the next generation, from paying for college to planning to leave an inheritance.


Millennials and Young Professionals

Millennials and young professionals have unique needs. Recognizing that access to information, tracking and real-time communications are important, we help design, implement and monitor a long-term plan, based on your unique circumstances. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and is accustomed to your fast paced lifestyle. Whether you are buying your first home, starting a family, or beginning to plan for retirement, we design and execute plans to help you get there.



You’ve worked hard, built your nest egg, and want to make sure you don’t outlast your money. Or perhaps, you know you have enough and want to start thinking of generational giving and estate planning. We help retirees balance spending against asset allocation, income generation and risk to find the sweet spot that will help achieve goals. For this demographic, we use planning tools to understand how different market outcome scenarios may impact your plan, providing additional levels of confidence in a world of uncertainty.


Company 401(k) Plans

We know helping your employees plan for and enjoy retirement is important to business owners. RF&L will help you by taking fiduciary responsibility for investment selection and monitoring of your plan. In doing so, we utilize similar funds and model portfolios that we use for our other clients, while providing your employees with choice and the ability to manage risk as appropriate. We know that 401(k) administration can be intimidating and time consuming. We have the tools, record keeping, and custodians in place to provide excellent service to you and your employees.

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